RAPE - Devil WithIn | Digital Art
I am sharing the art I created on one of the most sensitive topic i.e. Rape. I researched for continuous one week about this mis-deed, learning about the activity, the results, the cause, the feel, the motivation that makes someone to do it, the power that leads to perform, the mindset that pushes someone to break all the boundaries.

I studied blogs, books, articles and papers which talks about the Satanism, the evils, demons and devils which relates to this topic. The research included several figure like Popobawa, Succubus, Incubus, Lilu Demon, Lilith Demon, Orang Minyak and many other evil forms. So I compiled all the logic and knowledge and present you the best I can in visual form. I hope you will admire the effort.

Mohit Sharma

Software: Adobe Photoshop

One more version
Close Ups
Final Art​​​​​​​

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